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2.    Manager’s obligations

2.1   The owner will expect the following commitment from Lanwayke

  • Either to charge a 7.0 % management fee + GST on rent collected up to $500.00. 

  • Or a $35.00 fee +GST on rent collected over $500.00.

  • We quote on multi bed roomed (5 plus) properties between 5-6% +GST.

  • A 3 month money back guarantee.  If you are unhappy with our service after the initial 3 months we will return to you the 3 months of our 7% management fee.

  • To maintain a dedicated bank account that defines monies received and expended on behalf of our clients. 

  • To maintain a transparent management window via our Owner’s and Tenant’s Portals.

  • To advise the owner on all steps necessary to ensure that the property is maintained to a legal and liveable standard.

  • To do an Initial inspection one month after move in date.

  • To do property inspections every 3 months thereafter (the report available to the client).

  • To do credit checks and back ground checks on all tenants prior to them signing a lease.

  • To do background checks consisting of talking to at least one current or past employer and one current or past landlord and checking for any active or past Tenancy Tribunal orders made in relation to the tenant in the preceding three years.

  • To advertise the property on: myRent, trademe,,, web sites and the Press newspaper until let.

  • To inform tenants after two days if the rent is in arrears and issue a 14 day notice after four days in arrears.

  • To maintain Public Liability and Statutory Liability Insurance cover.

  • To do extensive pre tenancy and post tenancy inspection reports.

  • To pass rent on to the client (minus expenses) twice monthly or monthly.

  • To use a legally binding tenancy agreement on all properties.

  • To collect 4 weeks bond and lodge it with Tenancy Services (MBIE) within 23 working days.

  • To collect rent one week in advance.

  • To comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and all its amendments.

  • To keep the owner informed of any changes during a tenancy.

  • To give the owner an unbiased rent appraisal and annual rent reviews.

  • To arrange appropriate maintenance in an appropriate time frame.

  • To apply promptly for Tenancy Mediation and file applications promptly in the Tenancy Tribunal Hearings when necessary.

  • To use only suitably qualified and (when necessary) licensed tradespeople for maintenance.                  

  • To be available to tenants 24/7 in case of an emergency.


18.      Schedule of fees

  • 7.0 % +GST Management fee for rent collected of $499.00 and under.

  • $35.00 + GST Management fee on rent collected of $500.00 or more.

  • $109.25 or cost for Healthy Homes certification.

  • $100.00 for preparing a catalogue of chattels for properties built to a high specification that require photographing and recording of specific items (eg. Ovan, faucets, door handles, locks, drapes and rails, floor coverings, showers and baths, towel rails, kitchen cabinets and extractors etc.). Most rentals don't require this.

  • $100.00 for preparing a catalogue of furnishings at properties. (If a list is provided by the owner there is no charge.)

  • $35.00 for all property inspections including pre and post tenancy inspections.

  • $12.00 for credit checks.

  • $60.00 for pre-settlement inspections.

  • Professional Meth Testing at cost (About $250)

  • $35.00 for evidential meth test outside of normal property inspections.

  • $15.00 for evidential meth test during normal property inspections.

  • $40.00 per hour for any work outside the scope of normal Property Management duties such as EQC related meetings and related tasks, insurance related tasks, telecommunication connection related tasks that require on site attendance.

  • $184 incl GST or cost (whichever is higher). Advertising on myRent, trademe,,, and Facebook and

  • Press advertising at cost if requested (usually $25.00 to $35.00 per advertisement).

  • Fees are subject to periodic reviews with any changes notified 14 days prior to their implementation.

  • All fees listed include GST unless stated otherwise.

  • Other than what is mentioned above there are no other fees.                                                                                                                                   Free services

  • No letting fee to our clients for installing new tenants.

  • Organising repairs and maintenance and paying invoices.

  • Fitting 10yr smoke alarms. (Alarms at cost approximately $35 each)

  • Minor maintenance repairs.

  • Filing for and attending tenancy mediation and tenancy tribunal hearings.

  • Rent appraisals.

  • Organising of property compliance appraisals.


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