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The Importance of a Thorough Rental Property Inspection

If you are a property owner looking to rent your property out, or if you are a tenant looking for a change of scenery, you should consider having us take care of your rental property inspection. Home inspections are an essential part of the renting process because it gives owners a concise overview of their properties and informs tenants of what their duties and liabilities are with regards to the maintenance of their new homes. When we perform a house inspection in Christchurch, we do it properly.

What Goes Into a Pre-Settlement (Tenancy) House Inspection in Christchurch?

Inspections consist of various processes that seek to outline the physical features of a property, with the focus being to establish its current, standard state. By noting what a property looks like before and after leasing, the lessors and lessees have grounds to stand on if any disputes arise or when parting ways amicably. We perform inspections to:

  • Create a thorough inspection report. An inspection report serves as a formal document that outlines the state of a property. Usually, in the form of a written account with accompanying photographs, inspection reports are fundamental to providing you and your property with peace of mind.

  • Give lessors and lessees details about properties before and after occupation. By having a clear indication of certain features of your property, in the form of a report, you can gauge the state of a home after you or your tenants leave.

  • Allocate accountability and responsibility. Because of physical evidence, inspections help to safeguard homeowners and tenants in case of disputes regarding property damage or alteration. Lease contracts become more tangible when examples from which one can state a case or allocate accountability.


Why We Provide Home Inspections in Christchurch

As a property management company, we understand the struggles our clients face regarding renting or leasing. By viewing the renting process from both the perspective of homeowners, who look to protect their assets and lessees, who look to occupy safe and suitable properties, we protect both parties. We do things differently by:

  • Supporting contractual agreements. We believe that the renting process does not have to be complicated. We can maintain a professional relationship between owners and renters by acting as a neutral addition to rental agreements.

  •  Settling disputes. Because we perform inspections ourselves, we can resolve disputes without any bias. Disputes do not necessarily have to involve arguments, as healthy communication is a better tool than tenants and owners yelling at each other over the phone.

  •  Providing our clients with consistent communications. By keeping property owners and their tenants in the loop, we can ensure that we conduct your pre-settlement inspection in Christchurch quickly, thereby assisting with the completion of new or termination of old rental agreements.

Instead of playing a guessing game, have us take care of your house inspection and ensure your rental remains safe and pristine. For more information, feel free to contact us today.

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