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What our clients say...

Showing an Apartment


"I’ve engaged Lanwayke in mid-August 2020.  Wayne has been my main contact throughout this time. 
He is proactive, conscientious and thorough.  In the past, I have engaged five previous property managers – all of whom have, frankly, let me down – some of them very seriously, with substantial financial implications as a result.  Those others didn’t seem to be interested in making sure that my investment asset is looked after well – all they appeared to care about was “filling the space” with a tenant who would pay the rent, to earn them fees! 
Lanwayke has (to date, at least!) been very different.  They’ve taken time to understand my wishes and intentions, and have then faithfully fulfilled them.  Wayne is determined to ensure that both tenant and landlord remain super-happy with the standard of the property and with Lanwayke’s service overall.  Repair and replacement matters are brought to my attention incredibly quickly, with high standard repairs and replacements (which is something I want, as I want my tenants to consider themselves fortunate to be in my rentals).  The process of finding one replacement tenant so far (when a previous one was made redundant through the COVID-19 event) was a very smooth process undertaken well.  And monthly reporting is useful, functional, and absolutely sufficient for my needs.
Thank you, Wayne, for your quality support to date – and long may it continue! "


"At last, a true hassle-free is here... Wayne is a genuine property manager and one of the best business person I've ever come across, not only in the real estate field but generally in business. Thoughtfulness and attention to detail, that's based on his great love and care for the properties is undoubtedly impressive. Wish I had more properties to let him handle... AAA+"


Togo, Luthier



"Lanwayke Property Management made the process of letting our recently purchased property smooth and painless.  Wayne ensured our property was compliant with the healthy home requirements by undertaking the required checks and arranged for the necessary rectifications  where required.  Upon finding a tenant, Wayne undertook the steps to make the tenant's occupation of the property easy and simple.   Wayne continues to be in communication with us as absentee landlords and keep us informed on the property."

Stephen Hall, Mosgiel


Letter of Support for Lanwayke Property Management


Hi Everyone

"We are an older time-poor professional couple who were looking for a property company/person to manage a substantial asset. After doing our due diligence we chose Lanwayke Property Management and Wayne. We have not been exposed to cheap talk, idol promises or endless excuses but rather have experienced a company that is professional and trustworthy.


Wayne is knowledgeable, competent, a strong communicator, efficient and cares for our property as if it is his own. We have already recommended Lanwayke Property Management and Wayne to our friends. The saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ on this occasion is incorrect. We are getting more than we pay for. We are receiving a high-quality service and paying significantly less than the other options we investigated."


Kind Regards

Steve and Simone Thomas



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