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14 years experience


As a husband and wife team successfully managing our own properties for over 14 years we feel it is time, especially in today’s rental property environment to offer our expertise to other landlords keen to off load the time consuming and sometimes difficult responsibility of owning a residential rental property.

We have always taken our responsibility as a landlord seriously, adhering to tenancy regulations and adapting to changes quickly while providing properties of a well maintained standard. Doing this enables us to stay on the right side of the law and to retain good tenants that often stay longer. This should be the goal of a good property manager because the longer a good tenant stays the more cost efficient the property is.


Managing a client’s rental property is a serious undertaking requiring a high degree of professionalism. It is our goal to build effective and long lasting relationships with our clients by doing what we say we will do, to ensure your property investment experience is as stress free as possible. There needs to be strict boundaries and adherence to what is and what is not acceptable contractually between all parties those being client, manager and tenant. Good communication between manager and client and manager and tenant is essential. If in the unlikely event we fail to fulfil our contractual obligation to a client and we cannot reach an amicable resolution there is an easy dissolution process that will be effective in just 7 days.


Being a responsible Property Management Company we carry all relevant Insurances. Perhaps like us you decided to invest in rental properties so once retired you could maintain or better your life style (although there are many other reasons) but soon realised just how much work was involved and how much time it consumed. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice their currant lifestyle so they can enjoy a better lifestyle in the future. Although everyone is different we may share the same ultimate goal. If you allow us to manage one or more of your properties we will do our utmost to ensuring that your path to financial independence or retirement regarding rental property ownership is as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

As landlords ourselves we understand the importance of using registered trades people to help us with the maintenance of our properties and treat our client’s properties no differently. Using unlicensed trades people can have serious consequences with insurance claims should something go wrong. It is just not worth risking a claim being rejected by your insurer for just a few dollars saved on maintenance by unqualified and unregistered tradespeople. As we offer a 0% fee for organising maintenance on your property you can be assured we only have your interests at heart by not burdening you with extra cost.

We pass our savings on to you


One of the ways we manage to keep our overheads low is by being a mobile business working from an office in our home so we are not paying rent on an office in the city. We can come to your home or a place of your choosing for a friendly no obligation chat to see if our values align with what you expect from a property management provider. We feel it is really important to meet face to face (covid 19 restrictions pending) with a potential client so you can judge for yourself whether or not you can trust us with one of your biggest assets.


As a truly boutique residential property management provider our overheads are low so we are able to pass on this benefit to our client’s in the form of lower management fees. We take on a limited number of properties, (only 80 per manager), to ensure we can give each one the attention it deserves and we can fulfil our obligation to our clients.

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