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Rental Property Management

Updated: Mar 19

Trust Us With Your Rental in Christchurch

Have you reached the point in your career where you’re in the position to invest in a bigger home and don’t want to sell your current home but rent it out for additional income instead? Perhaps you are in the market to buy an apartment or house to gain a rental return? We offer rental property management in Christchurch to the individual who wants to grow their property portfolio efficiently for the best outcome.

Engage With One of the Leading Rental Agencies in Christchurch

We are knowledgeable, experienced and have built our reputation on reliable service. We have a track record of clients who have commended our proactive and conscientious approach in the following areas:

  • Property maintenance. We understand the vested interest you have in what, in most cases, is your biggest asset. When you entrust your property to our service, our point of departure is to ensure that it meets regulatory standards. We conduct inspections pre- and post-tenancy where we keep an eye on the preservation of the living standard of your home one month after the tenant’s move-in date and every three months after that.

  • Rent appraisals. We offer fair appraisals that we review annually to ensure you get the best return on your property. Our tenant selection service includes background and credit checks and interviews with potential tenants. We also collect rent payments, collect bonds, and lodge it with tenancy services, and manage late payments. Should tenant mediation be necessary, we assist with tribunal hearings at no extra cost.

Experience Boutique Property Managers

Besides providing compliance and rent appraisals, our high-quality service includes the following:

  • Wide reach. Get the exposure your property needs to broaden the pool of potential tenants. We advertise properties on Facebook, myRent, OneRoof, Trademe, Trovit, Homes, RealEstate, and in the Press Newspaper to increase your chances of finding dependable tenants.

  • Professional. We offer competent and thorough service to build a mutually beneficial business relationship by providing a reliable and stress-free investment experience. We are available 24/7 to timeously address emergencies such as urgent repairs and maintenance.

  • You can also look forward to the added value of having access to our online owner’s portal feature where you can view the management status of your property where you have the convenience of monitoring payments, reviewing inspections, and creating maintenance requests.

  • Affordable. Because we operate from home, we have low overheads and don’t have to relay expenses such as rent to our clients. We don’t charge for invoices, do apply any mark-ups, and our management fee is only 7%, capped at $35 plus GST.

Contact us for personalised and proficient services as one of the property management companies in Christchurch at the forefront of the industry.

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